19 Signs of Soul Loss

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19 Signs of Soul Loss

Originally posted September 2015, this blog has been updated from the original.

Yesterday, we talked about soul loss and retrieval and you might be thinking you need a soul retrieval, but how can you tell?

It's a bit tricky because each person's experience will differ depending on what part of themselves has been lost, but there are some overarching cues that some will experience.

As a reminder, when we are born, we are born into our body alongside our soul.

Our soul is essentially our personal blueprint and the collection of things that makes us who we are, emotionally, spiritually, and experientially.

The soul is made of many layers. Each layer is an aspect of ourselves, and each aspect comes together to form our entire soul - to form who we are as a person right now.

When you experience trauma, hardship, heartache, and life challenges, aspects of you can become lost along the way. This is called soul loss and happens when parts of ourselves fragment off, dissociate and stay with the trauma and hardship until we can come back and fully process it. (Sometimes soul fragments are taken, as well).

When we experience loss, we can feel lost.

We can lose parts of our soul-self as we go through life, and there are parts that we have lost in other lifetimes.

These parts can take up considerable chunks of our energy, our personality, and our drive.

We can lose the parts of us that allow us to feel worthy, to feel valuable, and to feel motivated. We can lose our ability to trust others, to feel pleasure, to experience creativity, and we can even lose our sense of direction and our soul purpose.

We can also lose parts of our energy, when soul fragments separate, which are responsible for optimal physical functions, too. Soul loss can affect, energetically and spiritually, our emotional body, our spiritual body, and our physical body.

Soul loss is a condition of the human soul wherein the symptoms can be life-altering. From depression, apathy, and anxiety to physical illnesses, soul loss can have a real effect on your life. Soul loss can affect every area of your life.

Think this sounds like you?

19 Signs You Have Experienced Soul Loss

1. You have suffered abuse

2. You have been experiencing recurring traumatic dreams

3. You have experienced the loss of a child, at any stage

4. A role model or person close to you has died

5. You feel a lack of excitement towards the things you used to enjoy

6. You have a lack of confidence and self-worth - feeling like you have nothing of value to offer

7. You second guess yourself, questioning both your decisions and intelligence

8. You frequently feel waves of worthlessness

9.  You've noticed a lack of desire or motivation to pursue wants, hopes, and dreams

10. You have a tendency to look towards others for approval and support

11. You are often apathetic and feel hopeless

12. You are caught in a pattern or have a blockage and you've tried many things to overcome it, and can't seem to see a way out

13. You often feel like your life has no clear direction or purpose

14. You feel like gifts that you once had have been lost (i.e. creativity)

15. You frequently feel lost, spacey, dissociated, not present in your body, out of it, or in a state of vertigo

16. You have been or were poor, and lived in a scarcity mentality 

17. You had a traumatic childbirth experience 

18. You've experienced a trauma that you know you have not processed or fully dealt with

19. You keep making self-destructive designs despite wanting to stop

If any of these sound familiar to you, it’s very likely that you have experienced soul loss. (Pretty much everyone has, unless you're an embodied angel or ascended master, and maybe even then..)

Most people have experienced at least 3-4 soul loss events in their lives, and even more, are likely if you’ve had an especially difficult life experience. I've worked with people who have retrieved 100+ soul fragments.

But, in a single sitting, most people can easily have returned to them 3-4 soul fragments. My experience working with others is that most can retrieve 1-6 at a time, even if there are others that need to be retrieved later on.

The solution to soul loss is having soul retrieval done. You can read more about soul retrieval here, and if you'd like to try a more formal technique, I have a guided journey meditation in my Etsy shop available for you to use again and again!



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