What is an Energy Cord?

What is an Energy Cord?

From the blog vault. Originally posted November 2014, and revised and updated where needed.

Energy cords are energy links, basically like ropes or cords, that connect you to someone or something else. 

It’s an extension of your energy, connecting you to the energy of some other thing. OR it’s the extension of another person’s energy, connecting to you.

I kind of like to envision them like fiber optic cables, that travel through energetic time and space from you to other people, places, or things in this lifetime or in other lifetimes.

Okay, this kinda makes sense....but what are they again?

It sounds vague, I get it, so it's first important to understand that we, and everything with an existence within this universe, are made up of energy. 

We’re made up of subatomic particles - electrons, neutrons, protons, and quarks, that have energy and have the capacity to shift and transform energy. This is often a property of anything at all that has matter - solid, physical, or gaseous. Seen or unseen. By and large, if it exists, it has energy and can transform. 

Remember energy can't be created or destroyed, and can only change form. The first law of thermodynamics and all,
"The law of conservation of energy, also known as the first law of thermodynamics, states that the energy of a closed system must remain constant—it can neither increase nor decrease without interference from outside. The universe itself is a closed system, so the total amount of energy in existence has always been the same. The forms that energy takes, however, are constantly changing." (Source)
The couch you sit on, the computer you type on, the air you breathe - all made up of molecular components, brought together through reactions, repulsions, and electromagnetic forces. Periodic elements, made up of electrons and protons, combine to form bigger, and bigger structures - which eventually, in some cases, result in visible, tangible matter. But sometimes, electrons and protons combine to form things we cannot see.

Air. Emotions. Thoughts. Sound. The Entire Spectrum of Light.

These things exist, yet we can’t always see them with bare eyes.

They are formed by energetic particles and waves, too, and have to be, to have an existence in this universe.

You are a walking, breathing combination of energetic particles and waveforms. Some parts of you, you can see, like your blood, skin, organs, and we call these elements your physical body. These parts of you have physical density and can be seen and felt.

Some parts of you, you cannot see, like your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and experiences. Parts of you that cannot be seen with the eye. They still exist, and they have energy. These elements are often referred to as parts of your soul, or your spiritual or emotional body.

Your physical body and your spiritual body are made up of energetic particles and waves. This combination of all energetic particles and waves that make you, you, physical and spiritual, is referred to as your energetic body.

Energetic cords, when described in the intuitive sense, refer strictly to energy interactions in and between the spiritual and emotional body - thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences, and interactions between yourself, and another person, place, or event. Typically, by and large, cords exist between two individuals. One is the sender of energy, and the other is the receiver of energy. 

But they can also exist between you and many individuals, events, places, and things. 

Because your spiritual body is not physically dense and of solid matter, it’s also not limited in its actions by physical proximity or space. 

What I mean by this, is that when you have a thought, feeling, emotion, or a particular experience, it isn’t always the case that the energy of that interaction or emotion remains entirely with you. And the same goes for another person, when someone else has a thought, feeling, or emotion, the energy is not trapped inside the confines of a physical space. 

Clear energy boundaries help with this, sure, but there are times when we loosen our boundaries and these cords occur.

The energy of the spiritual body is free form, and primarily comprised of waves, rather than particles, (energy can take either wave or particle form), and can move at will, most often going where it is directed by you. (Again, this is why having clear energy boundaries is important).

If you aren't being 100% intentional with your energy, and who can be, given the million other things we are doing with our lives, a thought or emotion felt about someone else can give your energy direction and create a cord.

When you have a thought, feeling, conversation, or interaction that involves someone else, either in words, or in intention, the energy of that situation is directed at that person. You can be sending out some of your energy in the form of waves and particles, and “pinging” the other person. Even if they are not physically present with you, by having the thought, feeling, or discussion about this person, you can unintentionally connect your energy with theirs, and vice versa.

This is the essence of an energetic cord and it can go both ways. You can be the sender of a cord or the recipient of a cord.

Cords can stem and arise from single, one-time interactions or single, one-time thoughts. Or, they can arise from long-standing relationship patterns and events. They can be shallow or they can be deeply rooted, depending on the emotional intention, nature, and the length or origin of the cord.

It’s a connection of energy from your energy to the energy of another person, which ALSO means, cords can exist and arise after one party in the relationship crosses over. This also means that cords can be attached anywhere throughout your body, typically depending on the affected energetic area, either centralized (chakra) or generalized (aura).

A cord is simply the energetic connection between two individuals (usually).

Cords can appear in different ways, have different depths, and carry different intentions.

They can be thick or thin. Rope or Root.

They can be deep and entangling, or shallow and superficial.

They can be serving you well or serving you poorly (otherwise known as good or bad).

Have you ever had a troubling interaction with another person, leaving you thinking about it and remembering it for days, weeks, and months afterward? The experience could have left a cord between you too.

But, have you ever loved someone or have been loved deeply by another? Loving and compassionate feelings between two individuals often generate cords of attachment and bonding.

There are happy, high-energy cords that can mean secure bonding and love between two people.

There are angry, sad, low-energy cords, that can undermine self-esteem and well-being.

Also, the energy exchanged through a cord can either be sent, received, or bi-directional and exchanged equally between parties.

A cord is an energetic link or bridge between you and someone else.

So, when is it best to remove a cord?

Logic would tell us that it’s best to remove a cord that is causing us discomfort and unpleasant feelings.

The energy composition of the cord, when it was initially placed, and your own personal feelings on the relationship or nature of the bond are the main determinants in removal.

Is it no longer serving you well?

Do you want it removed?

And to find the answer to that, you have to examine the cord, the bond, and your relationship to the other individual, in order to decide upon removal. 

Cutting the cord is an intentional act of moving energy, of disconnecting once-connected energy. 

Cord removal and technique are entirely dependent on the situation in which the cord exist - the emotional basis, the current relationship status and desired future relationship status, the agreement or disagreement of the other party, the place in your energetic field to which it is attached, are just a few of the determinants of the method of removal and follow up.

Removal of the cord can be as simple as visualizing it being extracted or asking God or your Spirit Guides to help you do it. 

More complicated cords may take more work, and it's okay to try a variety of techniques! 

I would start by simply asking Spirit to help you remove it. 

Hope that helps!



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