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I love, use, and trust Young Living oils and these are the essential oils I recommend to others for personal, home, emotional, and spiritual use.

These are the oils we use in our house.

Young Living Premium Starter Kit

The Premium Starter Kit is the way most people get started with Young Living - it gets you access to the 24% off wholesale discount, plus you get 11 of the most popular and most versatile oils + a diffuser to get you going. This is the way I got started, too. 

The Premium Starter Kit includes:
  • Lemon: detoxing, solar plexus work, super cheery
  • Digize: tummy anything. My savior
  • Lavender: sleep, skin, chilling out, universal energy balancer
  • Copaiba: skin, muscles, baby gums, soothing baths
  • Thieves: magic, health and wellness keeper
  • Citrus Fresh: bye weird smells, fresh laundry, and hello cheery mornings
  • Panaway: happy muscles + joints. Balm for your back.
  • Frankincense: meditation all-star, glowing skin, mood, and relaxaion.
  • Raven: open airways
  • Stress Away: for daily life
  • Peppermint: breath, muscles, brownies, tense heads
  • +1 diffuser of your choice
  • a whoooole bunch of oily info
  • ningxia samples
  • thieves cleaner sample
  • cute little bottles to share
  • roller top
  • support community to help the whole way

$350 - $500+

$160 - $260 depending on the diffuser you choose 

Order Your Starter Kit

Here's how to order your Starter Kit:

1. Visit this page

2. Find the button that says "Buy Your Kit" or "Place an Order"

3. Choose Become a Member (NOT retail customer). My member number 10572290 will be in both boxes. This is correct.

4. Choose Premium Starter Kit and choose your diffuser option. (The desert mist is awesome)

5. I recommend choosing the Essential Rewards option! You will get another free oil right away and get started right away earning points back on this order! You don't want to miss the freebies. Essential Rewards is a monthly auto ship program that helps you slowly swap out your toxic products to plant based/oil infused. Toothpaste, shampoo, cleaner, makeup, kid products…etc. No contract. Change your order each month. Cancel anytime. My favorites are Peace & Calming Essential Oil, Abundance Essential Oil, Thieves Household Cleaner, and Mirah Facial Cleansing Oil.

6. Want to add anything? Bottom left has an option to add something to your kit order. More oils, toothpaste, cleaner, nontoxic makeup, baby products!

7. Scroll down to agree to terms and conditions.

8. Fill out the membership info. No tax ID is required unless you want to sell oils down the line.

9. Choose a shipping method, and complete the transaction with payment!

That’s it! Welcome to Young Living!

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