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Shamanic Basics eBook

Learn Core Shamanic Practices and Traditions THE BASICS Discover the foundations of shamanism with the concise Shamanic Basics eBook. In just around 50 pages, you'll learn about shamanic practices, myths, and misconceptions. This eBook is perfect for those who want to learn the basics of shamanism without extensive reading. At the core of this eBook, you'll find information on soul fragment loss and retrieval, power animal retrieval, shamanic divination, and more. You'll also explore the ancient traditions and lineages of shamanism and how to write your own path. Originally composed in 2015 and updated in 2021, the Shamanic Basics eBook is an excellent primer on shamanism as practiced by the author's ancestors. You'll learn about shamanic initiation and how to become a shaman. FOUNDATIONS OF SHAMANISM Chapter 1: What is a Shaman? Chapter 2: Myths and Misconceptions Chapter 3: How a Shaman is Chosen Chapter 4: How to Become a Shaman Chapter 5: Shamanic Initiation: Wh

Experience Deeper Meditation with These 10 and 15 Minute Shamanic Drumming Tracks

Embark on a spiritual journey with 10 and 15-minute shamanic drum journeys! Discover the power of drumming to alter brain states and facilitate meditation and shamanic journeying. Start with the 10-minute track for beginners or dive deeper with the 15-minute one.