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What you resist

Hello, everyone!

Two years ago, my old blog was at its height. Tons of page views, hundreds of articles, and I thought  I had done it and made my shamanism business pretty successful for a semi-fringe spiritual practice 😛. (Though, it's going through a bit of a resurrection right now!).

My husband stayed at home with the kids, while I blogged and blogged, and created content, and courses, and basically. . . burned myself out trying to help other people work through their stuff while also trying to support our family.

No one really talks about the back end of being a blogger and what that looks like. It's a lot of work. And me personally, I was not handling my self-care and time off well enough. I basically wasn't doing it. Not the fault of the blog, or the anyone else, but my own personal lesson that I needed to learn.

I was taking too much on and not setting proper boundaries or self-care guidelines for myself, regardless of what I was teaching others. And I was getting…

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