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Root Chakra Distance Healing

September is my favorite time for focusing on root chakra work! It's the time of year when we are naturally seeking to feel more grounded, but at the same time, it's also the time of year that alllllll the issues that may prevent us from feeling the certainty we seek might be coming up! This includes feelings like: scarcity uncertainty lack instability changes and unknown lack of direction and more!  Usually, these feelings are arising from recent events in our life or patterns that have cemented in this lifetime and other lifetimes, and are presenting themselves now as worries, feelings, and concerns, in addition to actual life circumstances! We can help smooth this sometimes anxiety-producing time to year by focusing on what's happening on an energetic level, seeing more details about what's going on with you spiritually and your history, path, and past, and helping to clear these patterns and blocks at the level of energy and spirit. In this root chakra

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