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Discover Your Animal Spirit Guide through Guided Meditations!

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Embrace the Wisdom of Animal Allies: Guided Meditations to Connect with Your Power Animal

The first guided meditation I ever recorded was one to meet your Power Animal, and as Power Animals come more into the collective awareness, I want to provide some space to discuss who they are and how they are different from other types of Spirit Allies, such as animal guides or totems.

But first, here’s that original meditation to meet your Power Animal:

What Is a Power Animal?

Your Power Animal is a Spiritual Ally who can and will stay with you for your whole life as a friend, companion, healer, and teacher. They typically emerge when you need help in standing in and taking your power back and are ready to become and show more of who you truly are.

They are different from spirit animal guides or animal totems in that this is generally a lifelong relationship, whereas guides or totems, tend to appear and provide support only during specific times or moments in your life, usually to send you messages about whatever you’re going through. I will also see power-like animals appear during healings and consider these to be more in between totems and a true Power Animal, like an Animal Spirit Ally who helps with very specific things - I have a few of these that do very specific tasks. They are still different from a Power Animal in that they are more transient and only appear during specific times. A Power Animal is always present with you.

A Power Animal, once you meet and accept them as your Power Animal and embark on a relationship, is with you for life. 

Usually, you only have one Power Animal. Though, after some time working with one, you may have another one come in years later. This is a committed relationship in which your Power Animal teaches you about yourself, you go on journeys with them, they offer healing to you, and they are always by your side and with you. This is not a relationship that you can generally maintain and build with multiple beings. 

If you feel like you have many Power Animals, this is usually because many have presented themselves to you, but you haven’t committed to one. You need to commit to one in order to take this relationship further.

Your relationship with your Power Animal is a lifelong connection in which they stay with you always, even outside of meditation or a journey state, and help support you through all things. They can teach you how to embody and learn more of their aspects, often showing you how to become them and take their form, and how to stand more in your power of who you are. They are a friend and a helper in all things for you, if you commit to them.

If you choose to follow a healing path, they will help you in all of your healings and help heal you as well, if you ask.

Your Power Animal is the Oversoul of all animals in that category.

Let’s say your Power Animal is Snake. Or Fox. Or Bear. This is not just ONE snake, fox, or bear that you’d see outside, this is the Oversoul of ALL Snakes, Foxes, or Bears (in that category). 

So for example, my Power Animal is Fox. And for a long time, I didn’t think it was because I’d never seen or encountered a Red Fox in my life until I remembered that I’d worked with Fennec Foxes for quite a while and had a special connection there. 

A Power Animal is like the higher intelligence of the whole of that animal. You can think of this as the Oversoul of all animals under that umbrella. 

If your Power Animal is a Mantis, for example, it would then be that your Power Animal is the Oversoul of ALL MANTIDS, but perhaps they appear to you as one specific type of Mantid just for ease of appearance.


Your Power Animal wants to meet you and will come forth pretty readily in any journey or meditation that you take to meet them. You can find them in the Shamanic Lower World and can meet them in either meditation in this blog post.

If you cannot sense them right away, it’s usually because of some block you have within you that prevents you from trusting yourself! When doing the meditation to meet your power animal, ask, which is the first animal that comes to mind?

Sometimes you don’t even need to do a meditation. Having a unique kinship with a specific animal may be a clue that they are your Power Animal.

Once you know who they are, the next step is relationship building!


Once you know your Power Animal, the work is not done.

If you haven’t done so yet, you’ll need to retrieve your Power Animal so they are with you all the time. You can do so in this meditation - and this meditation is one where you can continue to journey to the shamanic lower world to work with them and receive healing. 

Once you find out who they are, do some research and learn more about them. This is my preferred book on Animal Meanings and has most of the common ones.

Some ways you can continue to work with them and build a relationship:

  • Continue to go on journeys with them and ask for healing (guided journey linked above)

  • Do research on them and learn more about them

  • Collect visual representations of them as reminders that they are sitting right with you and are beside you ALL the time. Art, jewelry, plushies, etc. 

  • Ask for their help and direction

  • Your Power Animal will even teach you shamanism if you go on continued journeys with them and allow them to show you different ways of healing!

If you’d like to learn more about the Shamanic Worlds and the Lower World where you can find Power Animals, I also have a Shamanic Journeying eBook that discusses this more!




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