How to Call Your Energy Back: A 5-Minute Energy Healing Technique to Boost Your Vitality

Reclaim Your Vital Life Force Energy: A Powerful Visualization Technique to Call Your Energy Back in Just 5 Minutes

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The energy body is the basis for the physical and spiritual body (the soul), which means, if you’re feeling drained, pulled in a million directions, burned out, or low energy - that’s an actual thing that happens with the energy body and then, can affect your physical and emotional self.

Our physical body, our emotions, thoughts, feelings, past experiences, all the parts of us are made of energy. Once upon a time, to conceptualize this, I needed to go back to high school chemistry and remember that the solid desk was just super dense vibrating particles packed together. Then, you apply that to your body and all the parts that make you, you. The framework of it all is a body of energy - the makeup of our physical, emotional, and spiritual body in an energetic form. 

If you want to go deeper than that, there’s a whole energy system with outer layers and inner core bodies, known as the chakras, but for now, we won’t go much into that.

Because what we are talking about today is calling your energy back to you.

What can happen is something that, shamanically, is known as energy loss. Generally, energy loss occurs when we are giving too much energy towards one or many things, pouring our energy out, and not receiving a beneficial stream of energy input back - this can be from the person, place, or thing, on the other end, or energy that we are receiving in another way that fills our cup, so to speak. 

Calling your energy back is a technique where you pull your energy back from outside sources and bring it back into your body.

You may also need to call your energy back if you’ve been obsessing and can’t disconnect from a project, experience, person, or even social media.

I like to call my energy back on a regular basis because I can be a bit of a workaholic and have a hard time disconnecting from things I’m working on. Also, social media is kind of a lot.

Here are some examples of things you might want to call your energy back from:

  • Anything outside of yourself where you have given a lot of time, attention, and resources and you need to pull away

  • A job that isn’t rewarding (or even sometimes, ones that are!)

  • SOCIAL MEDIA - casually scrolling is an energy exchange with everything you pass

  • Something you need to let go of or release

  • Something you need to step stressing about

  • A battle that you don’t need to be fighting

  • An energy vampire in your life

  • A person, place, things, or experience that is sucking a lot of your energy, time, or resources

There are tons of examples! These are just a few. If you need to call your energy back, you probably already know.

Calling energy back is something I recommend doing on a daily, if not very regular, basis.

When would you need to call your energy back?

Daily - Whenever you need to disconnect and be more present in whatever you want to focus on instead

Bigger picture - When you feel drained, burnt out, lacking energy, like something is soul-sucking, if you spend a lot of time on social media (who doesn’t?), if you’re short on patience if you have an energy vampire in your life.

Why would you need to call your energy back?

Energy loss is a very real thing and can lead to physical burnout, irritability, anxiety, stress, and even physical dis-ease if the energy continues to drain. Basically, if you are draining lots of energy to various people, places, things, and experiences then you don’t have a lot of vital life force energy in your body - this can and does lead to emotional and physical distress. So, call your energy back on a regular basis, people!!

How to Call Your Energy Back

This technique is pretty simple and you need about 5 minutes where you can focus quietly, that’s it! Read through it first, then try it.

1. Find a quiet place to focus
Doesn’t need to be fancy and it can just be in your car, or anywhere that you can get 5 minutes to yourself.

2. Close your eyes and imagine all the places that have drained energy lately

I like to imagine them right in front of me inside individual bubbles, kind of floating right at eye level. Usually, for me, it’s something I was working on and being obsessive about and couldn’t put down, and, of course, any form of social media. Imagine these things for you in boxes or bubbles right in the space in front of you.

3. Imagine power cords coming from your body plugged into those things

You can also imagine strands of white light coming from your to those things, but I find the power cord visual really powerful because next, we are going to unplug from those things one by one.

4. Imagine unplugging

As you breathe in, imagine yourself pulling the plugs on all of those things! and breathing the energy in those cords back into your body. Imagine yourself doing it, reach over, and physically see yourself doing it, or just imagine them unplugging.

5. Pull the energy back

Like one of those appliances where you press a button and the cord gets sucked back up inside the device, imagine that happening! Pull the power cords back in and totally disconnect from those things. Once you disconnect, the things will fall away and lose power. I find it is helpful to pull in with the inflow of your breath, so breathe deep.

6. Imagine the energy coming back into your body

The final step, but important. As you pull the energy back, truly imagine it being anchored and pulled down into your body, all the way down into your base and belly. Feel it firmly anchored there.

Take a few deep breaths to really anchor, and you’re done!

You can do it with me, here, if you’d like! Instruction starts at about 7 minutes and right toward the end we do a guided visualization:

And that’s it! Hope that was helpful, and if it was, I would so appreciate it if you shared this information with someone who may find it helpful, too!!

See you soon,



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