Harnessing the Transformative Power of Fire Element: Ignite Your Inner Change

Discovering the Feminine Energy of Fire Element and How to Embrace Its Healing Energy during Times of Transformation

Up until recently, I hadn’t worked too much with or connected with any of the elementals - the spiritual allies connected to the elements earth, fire, air, and water. I know, I know, this seems pretty shamanic if anything is, but we don’t all connect with the same allies all at once, and for the past many years, I’ve been working with other allies. 

Then, Fire Element started showing up in my healings. 

To me, Fire Element was appearing as a gentler, more feminine energy than is often depicted - destructive, evil, looking demonic. 

As an embodied form, Fire Element appeared to me in two ways, one, as a womanly, humanoid shape, and two, as a large red salamander (as pictured below, but larger and as big as a person).

Fire Element, and her accompanying Elemental, the spirit ally who takes a form, come into your life when you are going through a scorched earth period.

This can be when things feel like they are burning to the ground or have burnt to the ground, such as structures, careers, parts of your identity, attachments to physical labels, the path that you thought you were going to follow - ANYTHING in your life where you feel like things just crumbled and now you’re starting new.

As though you are building a new life, identity, belief system, and way of moving through the world from scorched earth.  This element often shows up when you need to abruptly STOP doing something that you’re doing or participating in, and start on a new course.

Fire element can assist with this transition and often appears in dreams, as fire, as a salamander, or as other signs and symbols to indicate that you ARE in a period of starting fresh and torching what once was.

Signs you are going through a Fire Element period in your life:

  • Heavy emotions clearing and rising to the surface. Feeling like you need to cry for “no reason”

  • There has been a big shift of some kind, one or many. Leaving a job, moving, building a new way, rebuilding, or starting from scratch

  • Fire, symbolically or literally, appears in your life. This can be physical fire, seeing images of fire, feeling called to burning ceremonies, inflammation in the body, seeing a salamander, or any other way this sign appears

  • Having a deep feeling that “you won’t be the same person” after whatever you are currently in or embarking on

Fire element can help us wipe slates clean, release attachments to the old, and build the new. Fire is also associated with the Sacral chakra, motivation, creativity, and of course, the colors orange and yellow. 

You can call on Fire element to assist you in clearing the old and making way for the new during these periods of transition.

Ways that you can call in and call upon Fire energy and the fire element to assist you:

  • Ask! Just ask. Seriously. It’s that easy. Ask them to help you release the old and clear the way for the new.

  • Wear reds, oranges, and yellows

  • Dancing! Dancing helps activate the fire element in your body and to clear away and “burn” up the old attachments that are preventing you from moving forward.

I created a now free fire element shamanic healing to experience this energy for yourself. Find it here: 

That’s it! 




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