Transformation: The Fire Element Activation Shamanic Drum Journey

An energy transmutation and healing activation sound journey with the fire element.

The Fire Element comes into your life when change is underway, and after the transformation is complete, things won’t be the same as they were before. Working with this elemental being’s energy, we created a sound healing journey to transmute the energy that is leaving and help activate and propel you forward into the next chapter. This journey incorporates rattles, drumming, a singing bowl, and of course, the element of fire.

The theme of this journey is one of rebirth, new beginnings, and rising from the ashes. It can assist you during periods of:
  • transformation
  • starting a new chapter and closing an old one
  • transmuting energy from what is behind you, and stepping forward into the next phase
  • rising from the ashes and building anew
  • releasing weights
  • releasing burdens
  • moving into the next phase

You can listen to it again and again, whenever you are going through a period where could you assistance releasing the old, and entering into the new. I also recommend you listen to it at least 2-3 times upon initial receipt of the activation, over a few days.


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