20 Signs and Symptoms of a Spirit Attachment (Possession)

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20 Signs and Symptoms of a Spirit Attachment (Possession)

Originally written July 2015, revised and updated where needed.

Before we get into the post, I want to give a big, giant disclaimer. Yes, spiritual attachments can cause harm. But, I want to caution you from going down the path that everything you're experiencing is spiritually caused only. I have done this too, and yes, this is coming from a shamanic healer. Yes, sure, pretty much everything has a spiritual basis as a lesson, teacher, or root cause, but physical ailments exist with physical causes that need to be addressed. I am NOT a medical doctor or qualified to give medical advice, and I only speak from spiritual experience. Please talk to a doctor if you believe your health to be at risk. 

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Attachment spirits, spirit attachments, and possessions are all basically different flavors and depths of the same thing. These are non-crossed-over spirits, human or not, who have attached to your energy field for the purposes of using your energy and/or manipulating your behavior to serve themselves. (Read more about them here and here.)

Although it sounds malicious, it isn't always, and more often than not, the harm caused is unintentional.

There are many different types of spirits, just as there are many different types of individuals, human and not, who roam this earth.

Some spirit attachments are actually friendly, lost individuals who have inadvertently attached as a means to get energy, not realizing it was harmful. Others can be malicious and intentionally harmful. While still others can be souls who were troubled while alive, such as those with alcohol and drug use issues, who then attached to a living human in death to continue that behavior.

The reasons for a spirit to attach are as diverse as the reasons that anyone has to do anything. (You can read the most common reasons here).

In all cases, when a spirit attaches to you or someone you know, the effects can range from mild to severe. They can cause illnesses, drastically change behaviors, and even cause death. They can turn someone you know into a complete stranger.

Here are some of the most common things to look out for when determining if you have a spirit attachment. Like with everything, these can all also be signs of other things. I am not a medical doctor and am providing the viewpoint of a shamanic healer.

20 Signs and Symptoms of a Spirit Attachment
  1. Lethargy and feeling exhausted
  2. Chronic, mystery, ongoing illness
  3. Sudden onset of irritability, crankiness, or snappiness
  4. Anger or rage issues not previously present
  5. Drug or Alcohol Dependence
  6. Certain mental disorders like schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder
  7. Frequent nausea or stomach illness
  8. Feeling like the house you live in is always haunted
  9. Feeling like YOU are haunted
  10. Extreme and often dangerous mood fluctuations
  11. Any sudden behavioral or personality change
  12. A feeling of heaviness or pressure
  13. Waking up to presences around you at night
  14. Feeling like you’re “dragging” or being weighed down on a frequent basis
  15. Developing new vices
  16. A negative outlook on life not previously present
  17. Feeling like you have low energy
  18. Pain in specific areas of the body that has seemingly no other cause
  19. Bizarre, haunting, and horrifying dreams
  20. If you’re spiritually inclined, being able to see or feel the same spirit, again and again, is another sign. One who does not look or behave lovingly or compassionately portrays deep, painful emotion when appearing to you, stands far away, or comes in dreams only, and/or you have memories from childhood of this person.
It’s not essential for you to check all of these off the list, or even most of them. The signs and symptoms will vary drastically depending on the spirit, where they are attached, how, and why. It’s also not essential for the change to be sudden and drastic, considering that some attachments may have been attached for many years.

For example, if your attachment is a little girl spirit who is scared, lonely, and attached when you were a child, the behavioral and physical changes you notice will be different than if the attachment spirit is a once raging alcoholic who appeared only 2 months ago.

If you have a feeling, and check one or a few of these items off this list, it might be time to do something about it.

Spirit attachments are often difficult to remove on your own and the process can include many complex steps (There’s a whole textbook on the topic!). I recommend seeking out a qualified practitioner to assist you in doing this work, or, recommend one to your friend or family member in need.

In my Etsy shop, I have a guided journey meditation that walks you through the process of attachment removal. This is something you can try, but just know that some attachments may require multiple attempts at removal, and some may require a different approach.




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