20 Things You Need to Know About Spirit Guides

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20 Things You Need to Know About Spirit Guides

Another post from the vault! This one was first written in October 2014. I've updated it where I felt appropriate. 


Your spirit guides are the core of your spiritual support team on the other side.

What is a spirit guide? To put it simply, a spirit guide is a spiritual being, who typically exists in spirit form, who supports, guides, and helps you, from spirit.

Spirit guides are your cheerleaders, your friends, your pathmakers, and road pavers. They help and guide you through this life, even if they never receive a thank you. Everyone has them.

Every. One. 

It's part of being embodied. When you come into physical form in this lifetime, before you do, you help to select a group of spiritual guides who will do exactly that, help guide you.

They work to support you on your path, for the entirety of your physical life here on Earth.  They help provide you with guidance, synchronistically open windows of opportunity, and even help you put the pieces together that lead to grand realizations and life-changing decisions.

Whether you’re just finding out about spirit guides, or you’ve decided you’re ready and interested to begin meeting yours, or you’re already actively working with your guides, it’s important to take a grateful pause and be reminded of the important work that they do, in all forms.

Spirit Guides are a diverse, eclectic, and at times, complex bunch, there are really endless things that I could say about them.

But, to keep it short(ish), I've made a list!

20 Things You Need to Know about Spirit Guides

1. Your spirit guides are always looking out for you.

We’ve all had times when we’ve felt unguided and alone. Including me. And sometimes, periods of aloneness are important for our soul’s growth and development. Even when it doesn’t feel like it, and you feel alone in the physical world, you’re always supported and guided in the spiritual world. Your Spirit Guides are always looking out for you and holding you in love with visions of your highest good.

2. You have more than one.
Most people have 7-10 on a full-time team, with 3-5 permanent members of the team, and 5-10 rotating members, which brings me to the next point.

3. Some guides are forever guides, and some only stay to help with certain lessons
It’s true that not all guides stay with us forever, though, some do. Just like friends and relationships here on Earth, some guides, just like people, are brought to us to help guide us through a particular problem, to help us navigate and learn a critical and often hard lesson, or to provide us with much-needed help and a crucial period of soul development. There are guides that join your team to help with specific things, and then they move on to help another. And yet, there are other guides that stay with us for the duration of our lives, and these are lifetime guides.

4. Many have been human before now and previously lived very similar experiences to yours now
They’re your guides for a reason. You wouldn’t take parenting advice from someone who’s never had a child, and you wouldn’t take life advice from someone who’s never experienced (something close to) your situation. Your guides are your guides because they’ve been there - they have wisdom and experience, and they’ve come out the other side of it. They can empathize and understand what you’re going through.

5. You selected them yourself, before your birth
Yep. Before you were born, in between this life and your previous life, you selected the individuals that you’d like to help you learn the lessons of this life and navigate through your world. While you were in spirit, between lives, you asked your now-guides to help you follow your life path, and they agreed.

6. They’re some of the easiest Spirits to connect with
Because you selected them yourself, and you have a personal connection with each and every one of them, this makes them some of the easiest spirits to connect to. You already have a connection, as two spiritual beings, before you embodied into this lifetime. You just have to re-learn how to connect with them while in your physical body. The connection exists, all you need is a little effort to get it going!

7. They’re more than just people - they include fairies, animals, plants, and crystals too!
Spirit guides can be any individual that has a spirit. The only requirement is that they have a spirit and most generally are not also embodied now.

In The Evolving Soul: Spiritual Healing Through Past Life Exploration (*affiliate link), Dr. Linda Backman explains that a spiritual guide is a step that a soul attains once they've completed their physically embodied lifetimes. 

I personally think that concept is structured around our linear timelines, and time isn't linear, but I digress.

Basically, any being with a spiritual body can be a guide. Angels, Ascended masters, gnomes, animals, plants, trees, and even crystals.

8. Spirit guides can be ancestors or people you once knew while living.
It’s been said that spirit guides are typically not relatives or ancestors, or people you otherwise know or knew while alive. This is because it’s hard to give unbiased and unfiltered advice when you already have a bias and a filter - and most people that know you and love you mostly cannot be unbiased.

They don’t want you to see hardship or feel pain, even if it was written into your life path. But, in some cases, ancestors can be guides and so can deceased loved ones. In fact, it is often the case that those who have left us too soon, like children or young adults, often move on to take positions as our guides and guardian angels once they cross over.

9. They can have emotions
Your guides have a soulful connection with you, transcending more than one life. You may even share past lives with your guides. They’ve known you for multiple lifetimes and incarnations. They care about you and your well-being. They’re your friends, and they have feelings. 

10. They WANT to help you
Your spirit guides are polite and don’t want to butt into your life unasked. But they do want to help. In fact, they probably think you don’t ask for their guidance enough (most do!). They’re here, and that’s what they’re there for - to help and provide guidance - to let them do it! That’s their sole job right now, and they want to do it. We just have to ask.

11. Spirit guides can be harsh and give tough love
Some can, and this is their way. This is perhaps a quality that you saw beneficial when you selected them as your guide.

12. Their appearances and personalities are vast and numerous
Literally any form. Fairy. Walrus. Mouse. Fern. Your Spirit Guide can be any being with a spirit and can take any form they like. 

13. They can have specific jobs
Spirit guides can have certain roles that they fill, positions in your support team. Some serve protective roles, others provide wisdom, others joy, others manage your gateway to the spiritual world, and still others provide healing. There are many supportive roles needed throughout your life, and with each one, may come a guide. 

14. They can do more than one job at a time. They can wear more than one hat.
One guide can fill more than one role. Your gatekeeper guide can be your joy guide, and your protector guide can be your wisdom guide, and so on.  

15. Spirit Guides can be vague about plans for the future - with a reason!
Your guides can provide guidance, but not all the time or all the way. This is your life, and they want you to live and feel proud and empowered of your accomplishments. They want you to learn your lessons and contemplate the meaning. They want you to find the treasure at the end of the rainbow. Sure, they’ll give hints, but that joy is yours to have, not theirs! And sometimes they don’t want to spoil the surprises (or can't, as stated in your soul contract).

16. They can be “wrong” about the future.
Your spirit guides, and all spirits, give the best approximations in readings and in your personal communications with them. They give the highest probability outcome, statistically, to occur given the current standings of all factors and the current energy surrounding the matter. But, you don’t live your life in a vacuum, and many other people and factors are involved in putting the pieces together in any one aspect of your life. Because of this, outcomes can and sometimes do change. You change, and as things shift, outcomes do as well.

17. Spirit guides of yours can help your family members and close friends, too
Spirit guides talk to each other and work together - they communicate and make things happen for an entire soul group, not just you. Your soul group is the group of souls who you've been incarnating with lifetime after lifetime, and you're connected to them in this and other lifetimes. You're a team, and everyone's guides work as a team, too.

18. They want to get to know you better
They want to continue your relationship together, while you are physically embodied and they are not. These are your friends and mentors, and you know each other already. But things are different in your current embodiment and you may have different likes, dislikes, and preferences in this embodiment. It's easier for them to do their jobs the better they know these things about you.

The more you allow your Guides to know you, the more things they can do to help in exactly the way you want to be helped.

19. You can learn to identify your Guides’ presence with certain cues, called calling cards.
Your guides have had physical bodies before. They’re aware that it can be difficult to learn how to work with and sense the subtle signs of spirit - and they want to make it easier for you. Each of your guides has a specific signal, a cue, or a calling card, that is uniquely them. Think of it as a bird call or a secret word, once you know it, you always do and you know who sent the signal.

20. They’re proud of you.
You’re doing a great job. Overcoming hardships and learning previously unlearned lessons. Your soul is growing in this life, and all lives, and that’s always an achievement. Your guides are proud of you.

Your guides are always standing by, to provide you with support, love, compassion, and of course, guidance, whenever you need it. All you have to do is ask.





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