Physical changes can shift your energy and your emotions, too

In this essay I will . . .

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But really, what I wanted to talk about today is something that often goes ignored in the spiritual and shamanic community. Really, we can get kind of obsessed with spiritual work and energetic work with the intention to shift something in the physical body.

And if you've been around for any length of time, you know my perspective on this. If you don't, let me break it down real quick:

We have at least 3 versions of our "body."

Our physical body.
Our energetic body.
Our spiritual body.

I like to put the energetic body in the middle because I like to think of it as the central body.

Our spiritual body, you can also think of that as our Spirit, or our emotional body. I lump these together as all of our non-tangible aspects, our emotions, thoughts, feelings, spiritual history, soul history, past lives, spiritual memory, and emotional traumas, all of that is stored in the spiritual body.

The physical body, you guys know what that is.

And the energetic body is the summation of the energy that makes up our physical body, our spiritual, and just our energetic existence in general.

The basis of my practice of energy work and shamanism is such that any change in ANY of these bodies can influence others. 

Emotional trauma stored in the spiritual body? Yes, that can impact your energy and it can impact your physical body.

Messed up root chakra energy? Yes, that can impact emotions tied to the root chakra and the physical correlates to that energy center.

Having physical dis-ease somewhere in your body? Yesssss, that can also influence your energy and your spiritual body and emotions.

Point is, it's all connected and a change or a shift in one can shift the others. Yes, even physical changes in your physical life or in your physical body can impact your energy and your emotions, and spirit.  

And THAT is where we often get lost on the spiritual journey.

In the 5 years I've been practicing shamanism, I've been all over the spectrum. I've spent some time fixated on learning and on healing the spiritual trauma and the energetic body and helping others do the same.

All the while, largely ignoring the physical.

And that's what can happen when we are on this journey for any length of time. Our pendulum can swing too far in the direction of energy and spirituality - -because we are just learning about it and we are FASCINATED.

It's cool. It's a whole new world. It's like we're seeing our entire lives with brand-new eyes.

But we have to remember to pull back from this obsession and recall that this stuff is all connected.

Meaning, changes in our physical lives, our behavior, our actions, our circumstances, our finances, our physical bodies - ALL of this can also impact what's going on in our spirit and our energy.

This is not to be ignored and this work is JUST AS IMPORTANT as all the chakra clearing you're doing.

Changing your finances.
Changing your eating habits.
Changing the way you talk to yourself.
Working on physical body health.
Changing the way you relate to others.
Learning new things.

All of this matters in your energetic and spiritual health and these changes can actually change your energy body and anything that may be going on in your emotional body. . .yes, sometimes without a clearing, or a healing, or that soul retrieval.

Sometimes the physical work IS the soul retrieval. 

I'll say that again.

Sometimes the physical work IS the soul retrieval.

So, let's not ignore it in our pursuit of spiritual and energetic well-being. Let's dig into it. Let's focus on it. Let's spend time on THAT. Because that aspect of our lives, our physical reality, needs healing too. 

Changing your financial situation can be healing.

Changing the way you talk to yourself can be healing.

Working on your physical body health can be healing.

Changing your diet can be healing.

Changing the way you relate to others can be healing.

Learning new things can be healing.

We need to do the work in our physical lives - to integrate the changes, to take the steps to change our family tree, to DO THE ACTUAL WORK. 

Not just meditate about it. 

Physical shifts matter too, and I want you not to forget it.

Physical changes feed back to the energy body, and feedback to the spiritual and emotional body.

Yes, spiritual changes can impact the energetic and can impact the physical. The reverse is also true.

The reverse is also true.




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