Discover the Magic of Sigils: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Personalized Symbols for Manifestation

Learn how to create and use sigils, symbols that represent your desires and intentions, to manifest your goals and dreams through magic and energy.

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For quite some time, I've felt called to start exploring sigils - from their origins to their creation to testing them out myself!

What is a Sigil?

A sigil is a symbol or design that is created to represent a specific desire or intention. It's a form of magic that's been used for centuries; their origins of them are difficult to pin down, as they have been used by various cultures throughout history, similar to many spiritual practices. There are records of sigil use in ancient Egypt, where they were used as protective symbols and amulets. The use of sigils can also be found in medieval alchemy, where they were used as part of rituals and spells.

Sigils are believed to have the power to manifest the desires and intentions they represent, helping you to achieve your goals and dreams.

The concept of sigils is based on the idea that symbols have power and can be used to represent and manifest desires and intentions. In this way, sigils are a form of magic, where the symbol is believed to have an inherent connection to the intention it represents.

Once charged, a sigil is believed to be able to hold the energy of the intention, creating a vibrational point of attraction for your intentions to come to you!

Girl blowing glitter-y light from the palms of her hands

Creating a Sigil

Creating a sigil is a (somewhat) simple intuitive process. 

Step 1. Identify your intention or desire, and then condense it into a simple phrase or sentence. 

Step 2. Ask your Higher Self to help disconnect you from collective energy, and give you a symbol to match your intention. There is no correct answer. It can be anything you want. The goal is to transform your intention into a symbol that represents that intention. You can use lines, swirls, dots, or anything to create your sigil. The process of creating a sigil can be highly personalized, with each individual creating a unique symbol that resonates with them.

Step 3. Once you've settled on a symbol that feels right, practice it, and write it down in a few spots. 

I like to do this on a notecard or cardstock that you can then cut into pieces and place in various places, like windows or your wallet. Wait to cut until you charge, in the next step!

If you don't feel comfortable doing this just yet, though I encourage you to try, there are also established sigils made by others that you can experiment with to start!

Hand reached to a ray of light among the trees

Charging Your Sigil

Once you have created your sigil, it's important to charge it with energy. This can be done through meditation, visualization, or any other method that works for you. 

An easy way to do this is to place both hands, palms down, over where you have written your sigil(s). Then, ask your Higher Self to help you channel divine energy through your hands in a stream of light that contains your intention AND the energy that charges this intention. You can visualize this stream of light and words flowing into your sigil(s).

You can also use a crystal that matches your intention and place it on top as a way to charge and infuse your sigil.

The key is to infuse the sigil with your intention and energy so that it becomes a powerful tool for manifestation.

Once you feel like it is sufficiently charged, you can then place it where you like to attract your intentions into your life, such as on a window sill, in your car, or in your wallet. You can make your own stickers on Redbubble if you upload your designs there, too!

As an experiment, I created a sigil for attracting money, pictured below. I have placed it in my windows, and also created some stickers and magnets on Redbubble, if you want to check them out and have a variety to place in windows and wallets!

Sigil for attracting money
Sigil for Attracting Money

Sigils have been used for hundreds of years for various things from protection to intention setting to activating personal desires - there are many options, and if you dig deeper, more resources to guide you. Like many tools, a sigil is also a tool that can help you achieve your goals and dreams. Your intention alone is where the power lies! 

Whether you're new to the intuitive practice or an experienced practitioner, creating and using sigils can be an effective way to make intentions and goals come to life a little bit quicker. That said, the jury is still out on if we can call to us things that are not meant for us - but likely, if you have a desire in your heart, it's a possibility open to you, and a sigil can be an intention setting tool to help guide that desire in!

Happy Sigil Creating!




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