Connect with Your Ancestor Spirits: A Shamanic Guided Meditation for Receiving Messages and Insights

Experience the Wisdom and Guidance of Your Ancestors with these Powerful Shamanic Meditation Practices

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Hello, friends. 

Are you feeling a pull toward your ancestors, their stories, and their wisdom? If so, you're not alone. Many of us seek a deeper connection to our roots and a way to honor those who came before us. We are often called to this wisdom by our ancestors, as they wish to help and guide us.

In shamanism, connecting with our ancestors is an essential practice. By doing so, we can access their guidance and insights, and gain a deeper understanding of our place in the world.

In this blog post, there are two options for you to explore to practice your intuitive connection and spiritual gifts and to attempt connection with your ancestral spirits.

The first is a guided meditation for meeting your ancestors that I recorded a few years ago, linked below.

The second is a step-by-step written practice that you can attempt in your meditation space, with drumming, or in silent meditation. 

Option 1: Meet Your Ancestors Guided Meditation

Option 2: Guided Visualization for Connection with Your Ancestor Spirits

If you're looking for a powerful way to connect with your ancestors, I invite you to try the below shamanic guided meditation.

Feel free to try this in silent meditation or with the accompaniment of drumming. I have a recorded drumming track you can use here.

Read the below to prepare, then start your drumming track or simply close your eyes to begin.
  1. Begin by finding a quiet and comfortable place to sit or lie down. I find it easier to meditate sitting upright in either a chair with my feet flat on the ground, or crisscross on a meditation pillow. Take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to relax. Close your eyes.

  2. Open a sacred circle. Ask your Higher Self to help you disconnect from collective energy, then ask your Guides, Angels, God, Helper Spirits, and Ancestors to open a safe, divinely held circle for you to work within. Visualize the golden circle around you. 

  3. Visualize roots growing out of your base, where you sit, and growing down into the earth, until they reach the bright, white Divine source of energy. Here, your roots will connect with this energy and the energy starts to flow back up to you through your roots, securely grounding you.

  4. Then, bring your attention to your crown. Visualize a beam of light shining down from above, reaching your crown chakra, and your crown opening, like a blooming flower. Your crown opens to receive a connection to source energy from above, and the Upper World, or Divine Spiritual Realm.

  5. Ask your ancestors to join you in the circle you have created. You can ask them to step into the circle, standing before you in it. Let them know you wish to connect with them and grow your connection with them. Invite them to join you in this space and offer your love and gratitude.

  6. See if you are able to visualize them, or at least, visualize figures, and get a sense of masculine and feminine energies. You may ask to be able to get a sense as to which sides of your family have arrived, ask your ancestors to help make it clear to you what energies are with you.

  7. If you are unable to visualize, see if you notice a change in how the energy feels around you. Usually, this is first noticed in the fingertips as a tingling or pulsing sensation. 

  8. As you breathe deeply, allow yourself to feel a sense of connection to your ancestors. Feel them there with you. Ask them if they have any messages for you, guidance, or words of support. 

  9. Allow yourself to be open to what comes in, in whatever form the messages or insights come to you. You may see images, hear their voices, or simply feel their presence around you. They may offer a gift, or you may get words popping into your head. 

  10. When you feel as though they have extended whatever messages or gifts were needed at that time, and they have finished, thank your ancestors for their wisdom and guidance. 

  11. Next, ask for your Higher Self and ancestors to help you close the circle. Let them know they can go, and as you return to the present moment, back into your body, visualize the circle closing. 

  12. Take a few deep breaths, stretch, or simply allow yourself some time to bring your awareness back to your body and this physical reality. 

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By practicing this shamanic guided meditation, you can develop a deeper connection to your ancestor spirits and receive their guidance and support.

I recommend practicing this and other meditations often to connect with your ancestors and strengthen your spiritual abilities. 

One thing to note, however, is that even if you ask for guidance on a particular issue, you may not get it, at least not right away, and sometimes not for weeks or months. There are times in our life path when our Spirits simply can offer support, and nothing more, or just day-to-day guidance, and no information on the future. 

There are many reasons for this - it could be that you're at a juncture where you need the soul growth of learning to trust yourself, it could be that the future is not yet certain or fixed to give an accurate prediction, or some other reason that only the Spirit World and God know. 

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If you'd like to learn more about shamanic journeying and the shamanic worlds, I have an eBook with guided meditations in my Etsy shop

Remember to honor and celebrate your ancestors, and carry their wisdom with you as you journey through life. 

May you find peace, healing, and growth on your path,



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