How to Attract Abundance: Magnetize Your Energy with this Simple Exercise

Learn how to magnetize your energy to attract hidden blessings and abundance. Follow 7 simple steps to manifest, during potent energetic windows for maximum effect.

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This topic of writing has been coming to me over and over again for about two weeks. I have been avoiding it because I have never tried it before and I didn’t exactly know what to write or how to write it.

When I did get around to writing it, I was going to ask Spirit to show me how to do this and write that, and then we’d see.

It’d be an experiment.

While you can do this or any other manifestation or energy technique at any time, trying this out during a potent energetic window has the potential to amplify not only the effects but your ability to feel it happening energetically.

orange post it with a note that says "what you seek is seeking you"

During times when others are manifesting, or when the astrological, numerological, or other energetic factors come together in a way that favors manifestation activities, are great times to align your individual intentional work — because, well, it’s less effort for you, while being able to utilize powerful energy that already exists and is favorable to your efforts!

Frankly, I didn’t want to write this or be asked to write this by Spirit because it sounds so clickbaity and cheesy. Most articles you click on like this tell you to try something you’ve already tried to no effect, and seem to be click farming posts.

I hope this will be different.

It’s something I’ve never seen or tried before, and I hope it’s novel information generally, too.

The message to share this was relentless, however. So, because I’m someone who (usually) listens to a divine calling regardless of how embarrassing it may look, here we are.

At the time of this writing, we are near the 4/4 manifestation portal.

4+4 = 8 = abundance, blessings, and positive experiences flowing in

The number 8 on a white sign with brick background

You can do the exercise below at any time, but if you align it with a powerful window such as this, you may receive additional benefits.

Don’t fret if you find this article years from now or during some random timeframe. There are many potent energy windows, every year, throughout the year, from astrological to religious observances. Even as simple as the new or full moon, or a powerful personal gateway that you are experiencing. Or, if none of those present themselves to you when you find this, just try it. Your guidance to this and following of that is important!

I would recommend trying this in a period after you have already done a lot of personal clearing work. This will help the magnet effect to be even stronger.

Again, at the time of this writing, most inclined individuals who find themselves here have been clearing for 1–3 years, and many have completed important death cycles end in the last 1–6 months.

So…you’re probably good.

It won’t take very long — 10 minutes or less once you get into the meditative headspace. And if you’d like some help getting into that space, try reading steps below (1–7) and then starting with this drum journey in the background.

In this exercise, you will be magnetizing hidden blessings and abundances that are available to you within your energetic environment.

Everyone will have a different energetic reality and environment that surrounds them. This way, this practice will ensure that what you’re calling to you are the blessings and abundance available within your reality, and you're not taking from anyone or anything else.

These are blessings available to you, within your Divine path, embedded in the fabric of the energy that surrounds you.

In the image Spirit gave me, imagine that you hold a magnet over a bed of sand. Beneath the sand are iron filings, that when you run the magnet over the bed of sand, the filings are lifted up easily to the magnet, but were hidden prior.

Much like this, in your current energy fabric, there are hidden blessings, possibilities, and abundances that you may not be able to see, but are there, if you choose to draw a magnet over them and pull them to you.

magnet on white background surrounded by screws and hardware

Magnetizing Your Energy to Attract Blessings

In this exercise, we are going to magnetize your energy to call in the abundance and blessings that are available to you!

Step 1.

Find somewhere that ideally, you have meditated before, but if not, where you can relax and is free from distractions. Make sure you are dressed comfortably, the lights are not brightly shining in your eyes, and the temperature isn’t too cold or too hot (if possible). You can wear an eye mask if you desire. Change your clothes if needed. Get comfortable.

Step 2.

Spend some time reflecting on what you may wish to attract. Things you’d like more of. Think more than just money. Other things you’d like more of — remember money may be able to bring you some of these things, but they can also come in other ways, so don’t exclude them. You can also consider intangible things or experiences. Write these things down as they come to you.

On your list, you may also wish to write down that you are open to any and all hidden blessings and abundances in available to you, known or unknown.

Step 3.

Get comfy and in whatever position you like to meditate in. I prefer a meditation pillow (I’ve had mine for 8 years — it’s similar to this one). I also prefer to be seated upright with crossed legs, and my hands, palms facing up, resting my hands on my knees.

Close your eyes.

Ask your higher self to help you disconnect from collective energy and to call your energy back to you.

As you breathe in, visualize your energy coming in, becoming centered in your body.

As you breathe out, visualize energy flowing down through your bottom and into the earth for grounding and anchoring.

Step 4.

Ask your higher self, God, your guides — whatever Divine being you connect with, to help activate your magnetism. For your energy field to become magnetic.

Be still and silent, and see if you can feel it. You may be able to. It feels like a pulsing on the edges of your physical body. It is usually the easiest to feel at your fingertips. You may be able to feel it pulsing in and out.

If you cannot feel it, that’s okay. Some people are more sensitive (and you can also develop a sensitivity with practice).

Continue to pay attention, and you may even visualize a magnet touching you or tapping you, so that your energy field becomes magnetic.

Step 5.

Direct your attention to the space around you. If it is easier, you can picture yourself somewhere else, perhaps a beach or a desert, with sand and an open horizon, so you can more easily picture particles, or energy, flowing to you and becoming attracted to you.

Start to imagine, picture, or visualize the things on your list, hidden blessings, or abundance flowing towards you, becoming attracted to you. You may not be able to see or imagine clearly certain things, so you are free to use the visual with you as the magnet attracts iron filings through the sand.

Step 6.

As you magnetize these hidden blessings and they get closer, they will start to come into and fill in your field.

At this point, again ask God, your higher self, your guides to help you select a handful of items that are in your highest and greatest good to start to manifest and integrate into your physical reality sooner. You will need time to process and integrate each thing, so we are selecting the most aligned ones to start to integrate, WHILE ALSO we are holding this energy and space for the multitude of blessings in your field.

Continue to breathe. Visualize energy being integrated, and imagine your blessings stabilizing around you and settling in.

You may feel passing sensations of anxiety, nausea, or other physical reactions to the energy that may not be familiar or you may have resistance to. Let them pass and breathe.

Continue to hold and breathe until you feel complete, or until the end of the drumming, if you are using that.

Step 7

Say thank you for your blessings and for the assistance of whom you asked.

Give yourself a moment to leave the visualization and meditation and feel yourself present in your body.

I like to stretch, wiggle, and have some water to help me feel embodied in the present.

For now, that’s it.

You may do this meditation whenever you wish, and it’s also one you are free to practice with to both feel energy and practice your visualization skills!





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