How to Maintain Your Power after Power Loss {Post 5/5}

How to Maintain Your Power after Power Loss

{This is part 5 of 5 of a post series on Power Loss, where you will be guided through the process of power retrieval in a step by step, easy to do manner. Find all posts with the label “power loss.” Enjoy!}

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Over this series on power loss, you’ve found your power, you’ve reclaimed it, and you’ve released the power-holders from their control over you.

You’ve taken yourself back.

Now it’s time to stand in it. Keep your power. Maintain it.

Now that you know about power loss, you will be forever keen on future events and situations in which you could potentially give away your power (or in some cases, have it taken).

In this series and in this post, I'm just talking about instances in which you will have a choice to give your power away or to stand in your power.

I mean that, now, when someone says something to you that previously would have made you feel bad, you will now notice that this an event in which power loss could happen. You can choose to keep your power - and not let someone else’s words dictate how you feel or give it away - by feeling bad, doubtful and overly self-conscious for the remainder of the afternoon.

Your choice. 

From here on out, practice power ownership.

Remember that you are in control of your own life, your body, your journey, and your emotions - and no one else.

You get to decide how you feel and what you do.

You. Get. To. Decide. 

A Self Power Mantra:
“I am a powerful, knowledgeable and capable individual, and only I am an expert in my life. I have complete power over my experience of life.”

Keep an eye out. Pay attention and be aware of when you might be tempted to give power away - and don't. Release it. Don't let other people or things have control over you and your experience.



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